Project Delivery & Management (PDM) Lab

The PDM Lab develops and transfers knowledge on the processes and practices necessary in the management and delivery of built environment projects.  

Project Delivery and Management help project stakeholders address:

  • Changing and adapting project delivery to legislative changes, market pressures, and a global business environment.
  • Advantages and caveats to emerging contracting models.
  • Proceeding the move toward public-private partnerships in various public work sectors.

PDM Projects:

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PMD Lab Posts:

Comparing Performance of Construction Projects Delivered Through Different Delivery Methods

DOWNLOAD REPORT Authors: Enrico Rigotti, Giovanni C Migliaccio, Alberto De Marco Description: When new delivery methods are introduced in public procurement, it is customary to analyze and compare their performance against traditional methods. Many early studies compared performance of different project delivery systems, and often developed decision support tools to help owners follow a structured…

Analysis of Roadway Safety Under Alternative Project Delivery Systems

DOWNLOAD REPORT In the United States, most highway projects have been with using the traditional design-bid-build delivery system. Moving on to regular conditions assessment, maintenance of a road is then performed on the basis of the availability of funds and the priorities established for road maintenance. When maintenance funds are scarce, serviceability of roads is…

CM Faculty Research Updates

Ahmed Aziz published and presented “The USA PPP Payment Mechanisms – the Path Toward Comprehensive Systems” at the Construction Research Congress in New Orleans, Louisiana. Bill Bender published “A Model for Collecting Replacement Cycles of Building Components: A Hybrid Approach of Indirect and Direct Estimations” in ASCE’s Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering. Carrie Dossick…

What can we do better? Convening the best minds to re-imaging capital construction at UW and WSU (2016)

Researchers at the Center for Education and Research in Construction supported an effort by UW and WSU to explore capital construction costs. DOWNLOAD WHITE PAPER Why do university buildings cost so much? Most capital project groups have a series of pat answers to this question, but at the UW and WSU we think it is…

Traffic Safety Performance of PPP Transportation Projects in the US

VIEW ABSTRACT Associate Professor Aziz, Associate Professor Migliaccio, and PhD student Luming Shang recently published a new paper entitled: “An Investigation of the Traffic Safety Performance of PPP Transportation Projects in the United States. ” This work has been presented at various conferences. See the poster for a summary view of the research.

Implications of New Construction Technology for Western Washington Mechanical Contractors (2011)

This research was supported through generous funding from the Mechanical Contractors Association of Western Washington, the University of Washington Royalty Research Fund, the College of Built Environments and the Departments of Construction Management and Communication. This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 0823338. Any opinions, findings, conclusions…

Design Management for Transportation Construction Projects

NCHRP Report 787: Design Management for Transportation Construction Projects: Design-Build and Construction Manager–General Contractor Methods In the past two decades, new methods have emerged to speed up the transportation construction process. An NCHRP report offers insights into the design management process under two of these fast-track approaches—construction manager–general contractor and design-build. This article explains the…

Modular Prefabricated Residential Construction: Constraints & Opportunities (2013)

DOWNLOAD THE REPORT In 2012/2013, CERC received a Skanska Innovation Grant to study the potential for modular prefabricated construction for mid- to high-rise residential buildings in Seattle. The current practices in the construction industry are labor-intensive and surrounded by significant risks associated with market, site and weather conditions. In addition, the construction industry has been…

Public Private Partnerships in the US Transportation Sector: Chapter 22

VIEW BOOK This timely new book provides an international perspective on Public-Private Partnerships. Through 21 case studies, it investigates the existing and fast developing body of principles and practices from a wide range of countries and is the first book to bring together leading international academics and practitioners under a common framework that enables convenient…