June 8, 2019

Comparing Performance of Construction Projects Delivered Through Different Delivery Methods

Authors: Enrico Rigotti, Giovanni C Migliaccio, Alberto De Marco
When new delivery methods are introduced in public procurement, it is customary to analyze and compare their performance against traditional methods. Many early studies compared performance of different project delivery systems, and often developed decision support tools to help owners follow a structured path in measuring performance and, consequently, choose the most appropriate project delivery method. However, the measurement process adopted by these studies was mostly specific to the dataset to be analyzed. Only rarely, it took into account differences deriving from varying project characteristics, and, therefore was not generalizable. Building upon these studies, this study proposes a general framework for comparing performance of projects delivered through different delivery methods. A discussion of how the framework could also be adapted to every industry sector is included. This work can help owners choose a set of metrics to evaluate and compare the performance of project portfolios delivered with more than one delivery method and different industry sector.