B127, also known as the VCL was was designed to be flexible and reconfigurable so that changes and/or upgrades to the system are easy to implement as technology improves.  The current rear projection system includes 6 projectors in a 3 (wide) x 2 (high) array that creates a blended display 30′-6″ wide and 15′-3″ tall with 3072 x 1536 pixels in total.

The screen consists of 3 flat vertical panels at a 20-degree angle to each other.  This creates a screen that “curves” around the user, thereby creating a semi-immersive experience.  However, given the large room, we can also project to an audience of 20 – 60 people.  This display systems support research and education in virtual and augmented reality applications in planning, design, construction, and operations.

Dimensions and Pricing:

Room # Square Feet Capacity
Theater Set
Classroom Set
Tier 1
Tier 2
Non-CBE Use
Tier 3
Non-UW Use
B127 1,187 65 45  $    100.00  $     150.00  $    200.00

Layout Examples: