April 10, 2020

Impact of Make-Ready Process on Project Cost Performance in Heavy Civil

Production Planning & Control 30 (13), 1064-1071

Abstract:  The research investigates the relationship between the production plan reliability and the project cost performance using project data in the heavy civil construction sector.  The research also investigates the attributes of a make-ready process using statistical analysis.  This study shows that production planning reliability (i.e. Per cent Constraint Removal (PCR) and Per cent Plan Complete (PPC)) and project cost performance (CPI) are significantly correlated in the heavy construction projects.  The findings show that there is a more significant correlation between production planning reliability and project cost performance in project-scaled data than in monthly scaled data.  They suggest that there is a time-lag between when the variance of workflow occurs and when the workflow variance impacts on the project cost performance.

Authored by:  Yong-Woo Kim

Funding:  This study was supported by P. D. Koon Endowed Fund and Construction Industry Institute under Grant RT-271.