February 11, 2019

From SNOWY Reno to SNOWY Seattle…

On Saturday our Reno competition teams returned from four big days in Reno at the ASC student competition. Our Mixed Use team earned third place and our Sustainability team won the Judges Selection award.

A great learning experience for all!

Mixed Use:
Back row:  Mitchell Stafford, Wyatt Tetz, Henry Corrado, Joe Worley, and Bryce Mullen;
Front row: Stuart Jaspers, Tina Chi, and Travis Fredrick

Sustainability: Katie Christensen, Amelia Angell, Cathy Nguyen, Yishan Guan, Sam Read, Hugo Diaz,  and Jackson Reid
Special thanks to our industry partners who helped support the competition teams with their time mentoring:

HS Wright,  Lydig,  Skanska,  Granite,  NorthWest,  Venture,  BnB,  GLY,  Swinerton,  JTM,  Prime Electric,   Mortenson,  Exxel Pacific