March 19, 2018

Effect of Energy Benchmarking and Disclosure on Office Building Marketability


CM Associate Professor Dr. Hyun Woo “Chris” Lee and Runstad Endowed Professor of Real Estate Dr. Sofia Dermisi were awarded a College of Built Environment Innovation Collaborative Award. Launched in January 2017, the work continues through March 2018.

Impact of Energy Benchmarking and Disclosure on the Performance of Office Buildings

The recent building energy benchmarking and disclosure policy has contributed to increased awareness among tenants and buyers in energy-efficient properties, motivating large real estate organizations to invest in energy retrofits. This study’s objective is to investigate how and to what extent the policy has affected the real estate and capital improvement performance of office buildings. This study will employ a mixed methods approach that incorporates big data analysis of real estimate databases and surveys with large owners in major cities. The study results will provide empirical measures to gauge the impact of the policy on energy-retrofit-related decision making.

Duration:  January 2017 to March 2018