November 23, 2016

Lean and IPD Case Studies Show Striking Uniformity of Project Success

Construction Management faculty, Dr. Carrie Dossick, joins colleagues from the University of Minnesota and the University of British Columbia in releasing findings from IPDA/LCI funded study.

“The overall findings are consistent with the larger body of research showing that teams using IPD and Lean are more reliable in terms of the schedule and cost and in meeting the owner’s goals. This research adds to the evidence of effectiveness of IPD and Lean, and by documenting positive examples in a systematic and rigorous manner, begins to identify the motivations and mechanisms for collaboration that are key to project success.

Our major finding was a striking uniformity of success for all the teams in this study, regardless of project type, scope, geographic location, or previous experience with IPD and Lean. The second finding was that the powerful complementary strength of IPD and Lean supports success.”


To download a copy of the report, visit the LCI website at www.leanconstruction.org/learning or
the IPDA website at www.ipda.ca/research-performance/casestudies/.